Creating an NDA contract is free. Just click on create an NDA, fill out the information fields and save.

To use your NDA you will need to purchase e-signatures. The signature on the contract you create is free. You pay for other people to sign your NDA contract.

Pocket NDA provides e-signature packages to meet your needs. If you are heading to a meeting with a couple of decision makers, perhaps you will only need 2 signatures (2 E-Signatures for only $10.00 (USD)). Or, say you were at a trade show and need to speak with as many manufacturers and designers that you can in one day. Maybe you would want to purchase 100 E-Signatures (100 E-Signatures for $100.00 (USD)).

Choose the plan that works for you.

When your account is nearly empty, you will be automatically reminded to replenish your account with e-signatures.